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Future Boy Conan (1978): EPISODE 1 - Screencaps ~ PART 3

I know that this show may not be for everyone, especially those that follow this blog for JoJo related content, but I really felt that this show is too special unfortunately obscure due to its of lack western home video releases to simply ignore.

If you are waiting on waiting on more JoJo related content, then fret not, as I am seeing to rectify that issue soon.

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—Sports Men



Kimonos - “Sports Men” (2010)

Back in December, username unbornwhiskey told me that Kimonos’ self-titled LP was “the best Japanese album of 2010” (yeah, whatever) and compared the band to Talking Heads (okay now you have my attention!). And “Sports Men” has been on my favorites playlist ever since. The propulsive synth drives the track like an 80’s-style pump-up montage song, but it’s about being a weak, over-worried, inadequate person. Clever! It’s a shame that there’s no way to buy this album online as far as I can tell. 

side note: Kimonos is Shutoku Mukai (Japanese indie music legend, frontman of Zazen Boys, Number Girl) and Leo Imai, and this album features guest appearances by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and Ichiro Yoshida (Zazen Boys), so it’s pretty much a new wave revival supergroup